In August 2018, the company ECOGEORGIANGROUP LLC, with the support of the Government of Georgia and the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, commissioned a plant for processing grape mash and the development of the following products:
  • Grape seed
  • Grape seed Oil
  • Pellets of grape seed granular
  • Grape seed powder / flour
  • Grape Seed Scrub / fuse
  • Grape seed mash after seed separation
  • Fertilizers
To solve the problems of obtaining seeds suitable for cold pressing, special equipment was manufactured that ensures the processing of grape mash with the extraction of seeds from it under gentle conditions that does not allow the loss of valuable substances. We use grape mash only from Rkatsiteli grapes, which allows us to maintain the same high quality and performance of oil and other products with large volumes of production.

The enterprise has a closed technological cycle and operates on a gentle, specially developed technology in the entire product line, saving all the valuable biologically active substances that grape seed is rich in. In this case, the incoming raw materials (grape mash) are completely processed, without any residues.

The plant is located in the eastern region of Georgia - Kakheti, which is famous for favorable weather for growing grapes and is the center of Georgian winemaking.

We fully control the quality of the products, as we independently harvest grape seeds in an industrial way, compress them and grind the meal into flour (all operations are carried out in our production).
Grape mash comes to us from wineries within a radius of 40 km and is processed within a day from the moment of its delivery to the territory of the plant. We get a grape mash that has not been fermented.
In the production of oil, one variety of grapes is used without any mixes.
The largest cold pressed grape seed oil production in Georgia.
Our philosophy is to produce the highest quality product at prices that are most attractive to your business. Our products undergo the most stringent control measures throughout the entire production process, and we are confident that we can meet any of your standards, no matter how high they are!

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Production-Georgia, Kakheti, Gurjaani, Velistsikhe.
Our office-Tbilisi, Georgia, Panjikidze str 22, bl. D, office 70.
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